About Us

About the MBA

The Montserrat Bar Association was revived April 2013, following the OECS Bar Council meeting held in March 2013 in Montserrat, where the Bar Association had been dormant for several years.



“Serving community and law”


The Mission Statement

The mission of the Montserrat Bar Association is to be a transformative force in the delivery of legal services to all applicable stakeholders – local and otherwise. Proactive measures will be taken to increase the visibility, value, and accessibility of legal services to the general public. Through continued interaction with individuals in the varied categories and levels of the legal profession, we will seek to bring to the fore as well as address any longstanding or emergent issues related to law and its practice on Montserrat.



The objectives of the Montserrat Bar Association are:

  1. To promote and maintain the rule of law.
  2. To promote the effective administration of justice.
  3. To promote, maintain and improve the interests and standards of members and the legal profession.
  4. To arrange and promote continuing legal education and to undertake the occasional publication of transactions and other papers.
  5. To work towards law reform and the improvement of our legal system;
  6. To promote the integrity of the legal profession in Montserrat
  7. To prepare and maintain a roll of members of the Association.


Purpose of the bar association

The purposes of the Bar Association are—

  1. to maintain and improve the standards of conduct and proficiency of the legal profession in Montserrat;
  2. to represent and protect the interests of the legal profession in Montserrat;
  3. to protect and assist the public in Montserrat in all matters relating to law;
  4. to promote good relations within the legal profession, between the legal profession and persons concerned in the administration of justice in Montserrat and between the legal profession and the public generally;
  5. to promote good relations between the legal profession and professional bodies of the legal profession in other countries and to participate in the activities of any international association of lawyers and to become a member of the international association;
  6. to promote, maintain and support the administration of justice and the rule of law;
  7. to do any other thing incidental or conducive to the achievement of the purposes set out in paragraphs (a) to (f).